Boost Your Social Life & Elevate Your Well-Being!

Imagine a social app uniquely designed to boost your social life and elevate your well-being.

Dream no more! We invite you to journey with us…because at LifeBonder we aim to make your dream a reality!

We are the game-changers, innovators and disruptors…because it's time for radical transformation!

At LifeBonder, we're on a mission to end loneliness and break social media addiction, fake personas, cyber-bullying, cancel culture by providing a safe space (mesaverse) that lives up to the promise of what social media can be: a safe place to facilitate human connections rather than replace them.

We want to fill a growing need for direct socializing outside social media - connecting people in friendships that are human, profound and meaningful. LifeBonder makes it easy for people to connect in a deeper reality through shared spaces, values and goals; because our vision is to build social bonds in real life.

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LifeBonder Serves Two Crucial Purposes to Beat Loneliness:

“Create a life worth living. Being with friends is all the therapy you need.”

Rekindling The Human Connection - Meet new people and make friends easily.
Boost Your Social Life - Plan offline social meetups and create a life worth living.

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AI is magic, waiting for you to hit the friendship button.
Friendship is more than just shared interests.
Compatibility is the New Black.

Automatic Matching

You have enough to do. Say goodbye to manipulative tactics designed to keep you glued to the screen.
We want you to spend less time finding friends and less time doom-scrolling.
Now you can spend more time hitting it off and living it up offline with friends.

"It is time to get tech-savvy, not tech-addicted!"

perspective phone
perspective phone

Dare To Be You

A deeper and more authentic reality for you to put your real foot forward.


What makes us imperfect often connects us with others - but it's scary to be imperfect in front of strangers. Our Anonymous Profile Matching - connects you to people like you; enabling modest, vanity-free, hidden profile matching with users who share common interests.

Because what is friendship if you can't be yourself?

“Be true to yourself…Come as you are.”


We are unlike other social media platforms that hijack your life. LifeBonder is a social media that makes you more social. We encourage you to hang out and enjoy shared experiences off-platform by suggesting activities in your local area that you're both into.

Your Mission is Our Mission

We have the follow-through. You're matched! Now what?

We give you the tools to meet new friends and help you bond over what you both love, in places where you're both comfortable.

“LifeBonder is all about living life and keeping it real!”

perspective phone
perspective phone


Sometimes friendship needs a little nudge.
You can invite friends from other platforms and create meetups.

For Friends. By Friends.

Friendship deserves more than a quick 'like' or text.
Do you want to maintain and grow your friendships, but often don't know how, or feel you don't have the time? Then LifeBonder is for you! Don't worry, we've got it all worked out.

Our Mesa-verse - allows you to engage in a realistic life - like space, giving you genuine value and authentic life experiences.

“Rest assured … we got your back.”


LifeBonder is a safe safe space (mesaverse) where you can be the real you. We won't sell your data. We won't track you. Your data is protected with the highest level of encryption.

You Come First. Every Time!

Matching requires data, but you should know how your data is being used and for what. Your data is yours. Delete it from your profile anytime.

What else? We end exploitative practices and manipulative tactics - We won't track your behaviour to target ads. Because we position you, the User, at the core and forefront, not business.

“We raise the bar! This is not a corporatocracy!”

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Time Is Your Most Precious Commodity … Reclaim It!

At LifeBonder, we cherish time as The Most Valuable Commodity of all … and you should too … because time is fleeting! Your time is precious and your lifestrong is short and limited. Time waits for no one.

LifeBonder gives you the opportunity to make the most of every moment.

Because … when all is said and done, you want to look back and confidently exclaim with joy and conviction: “I did my best to make every moment count!”

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“Boost Your Social Life!”

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