Social Media is Getting a Makeover!

Technology humanized

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AI is magic waiting for you to hit the friendship button.

Automatic Matching

You have enough to do. We want you to spend more time hitting it off with friends, less time finding them. Friendship is more than just shared interests. Compatibility is the new Black.

Dare To Be You

A safe space for you to put your real foot forward.


What makes us imperfect is often what connects us with others - but it’s scary to be imperfect in front of strangers. We use hidden profiles to connect you with people like you. Because what is friendship if you can’t be yourself?


Social media that makes you social. We encourage you to hang out off-platform and suggest activities in your area that you’re both into.

Your Mission is Our Mission

We have the follow-through. You matched. Now what? We give you the tools to meet new friends by helping you bond over what you both love, in environments where you’re both comfortable.


Sometimes friendship needs a little nudge. Import friends from other platforms to use ‘Explore’.

For Friends. By Friends.

Friendship deserves more than a quick ‘like’ or text. You want to maintain and grow your friendships, but often don’t know how. Or feel you don’t have the time. This is for you.


LifeBonder is a safe space for you to be you. We won’t sell your data. We won’t track you. And your data is protected with the highest level of encryption.

You come first. Every time.

Matching requires data. But you should know how it’s used and for what. Your data is yours. Delete it from your profile anytime. What else? We won’t track your behavior to target ads.